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Mobile Lottery LLC was formed in November of 2009 to extend the current online lottery infrastructure to a mobile lottery platform. Technological advancements in mobile operator networks and devices now allow for an efficient, eco-friendly and convenient way of playing the lottery. While initial focuses pinpoint the United States, Mobile Lottery LLC is also targeting international jurisdictions where permissible. As a fully electronic system that can be designed, when necessary, to print only winning tickets, the mobile lottery is easily one of the greenest mobile applications to be conceived.

Mobile lotteries have been successfully deployed in international jurisdictions such as the UK, Spain, and China. In July of 2009, China introduced the mobile lottery. The public response was overwhelmingly positive, with upwards of 2 million subscriptions within the first four months of operation.

Mobile Lottery LLC's leadership has successfully provided wireless services within the most heavily regulated finance and gaming markets in the United States. Mobile Lottery's technology will adhere to all regulatory requirements and be implemented by the industry's most experienced mobile telephony experts. These engineers were previously responsible for over $20 billion in Wall Street wireless financial transactions, the average transaction being $ 5 million.

The primary goal of Mobile Lottery LLC is to increase state government revenue in the interest of public wellbeing. However, the firm also understands the legal implications involved.

Mobile Lottery has implicated solutions designed to exceed regulatory requirements, verify the lottery player's age legality and jurisdiciton, as well as the security and integrity of all transactions.

In the United States alone, tangible lotteries annually generate $60 billion in revenue for the participating forty-two (42) U.S states. Approximately 45% of the revenue generated directly benefits various state agencies. Over 66% of Americans have played the lottery, with 23% playing on a regular basis. Eighty percent (80%) of the U.S. population now carry a mobile phone and over one-third utilize this device as their primary means of communication.

With the lottery's popularity as the most accepted form of legal gambling in combination with the continually expanding wireless infrastructure in the United States, it is anticipated that the lottery's expansion to a mobile platform will generate additional revenue of over $6 billion. Over 208 million U.S. mobile subscribers will be eligible to securely purchase lottery tickets and technology will allow states to recognize its revenue in accordance with the jurisdiction of the purchaser's location.

As it is an account based wagering platform, the Mobile Lottery offers a far better solution for problem gaming. The mobile lottery system can limit the number of tickets (both random number generated and instant scratch games) and how often an individual is able to play the lottery. No such restrictions or preventative abilities exist for the traditional land based lottery system.